Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's 4 weeks from MTC D-Day.  The 4 month anticipation of this mission to Melbourne, Australia is  comparable to being 9 months pregnant for 4 months.  People keep asking when we are leaving, like they want to be rid of us, and I'm sure some do.  We might be delayed, since we learned yesterday that we are required to have MMR vaccinations, which we were told when we sent in our application weren't necessary for individuals born before 1955, which category we both fit.  We need two shots, 28 days apart.  Might be a good excuse to leave the MTC for a Bountiful break.  Purchasing items needed for the mission is progressing, much to the dismay of our bank accounts, but packing has yet to begin.  Probably we'll be able to take half the stuff back when we learn we can't cram everything into 2 50# maximum suitcases. 

We've gone on a couple of two day trips, and our sweet granddaughter, Alivia, is always so excited to see us come back and wonders if our mission is over.  She has a lot to learn, and I'm sure we do to.  However, we look forward to this adventure, and while we don't want to wish the next four weeks away, will be glad to finally be on our way.  (much like finally going into labor)

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