Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello you all !
This is the other half of the companionship from down under. My first comment is: "yah, what she said."  It has been/is a bit overwhelming but we trust that we will learn and improve in some way most days and that we will some how be able to serve the Lord by serving these missionaries and the Chinese Branch.  Today is Sunday the 19th, so we will get to attend the branch for the first time. Branch President is Chinese but Cantonese speaking, not Mandarin and we hear that becomes a bit of a problem some times. We might, probably won't ever know.

It is so amazing to actually be here. We are slowly getting acclimated and we hope that continues to improve.  Sleep has been hard to come by.  Waking up, especially Sharla at 2 or 3 in the morning. This morning we both were awake about 4:30. (maybe Sharla even earlier.) No place to take a nap at the Branch and so when we get home and eat dinner, what ever that might be, we are about worn out, but not to anxious to go to bed at 8, so hopefully that will get better, not worse.

The weather has been cool or cold and rainy.  It is 49.5 F right now at 6:45 AM. We have not been totally soaked yet but Sharla got pretty wet yesterday on a run and then later at a local Farmers Market.  We are not having any trouble spending lots of Money. I forgot to call Capital One and so they put a hold on my credit card.  Oh well, I will just use a different one.

We think about family and friends very often, we have had one face time experience on the ipad and that is amazing and it was a great way to connect. Hopefully it will prove to be a very good way to keep up with family.

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  1. I'm impressed! Not only does Mom know what she is doing well enough to do it but well enough to teach! Thanks for the updates, I love them!