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July 15, 2013

My last long run to Jells Park certainly was the most memorable.  Max planned to pick me up at a pre-determined location, but because of the record breaking rainfall from the night before, the rivers, streams, and surrounding lowlands were flooded with water.  The Eastlink trail was under a meter of water  in many places, and I had to alter and ultimately back-track my route.  Fortunately I had a cell phone to call Max regarding the change of plans.  Though it wasn't raining when I started on the run, the skies opened, and I was drenched in a few minutes.  Max grabbed the camera, thinking he was taking a picture of a two-legged drowned rat.
 We drove to Fairfield to see the water of the normally lazy, benign, Yarra River well over the banks.
 We had joked about Dight Falls, that it was more like a little ripple in the lazy river, but following the huge rain storm, the water boiled and churned.  We watched as kayakers fought their way into the "sweet spot" of the rapids, which allowed them to appear to be anchored in that spot. 
 The picture is fuzzy, but fuzzy also were the feelings we had as we taught Vicky and Ray after baptism lessons.  We certainly could identify with missionaries who are reluctant to leave their recent converts and investigators when they are transferred.   
 We had the privilege of taking Liansu, one of our favorite Chinese daughters, to receive her patriarchal blessing.  We had a bit of extra time, so walked through Fitzroy Gardens and admired the flowers in the conservatory. 
There are many varieties of plants in the conservatory, and caretakers change them regularly, depending on the season.  

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